Man have created tools to archieve their needs, to materialize their imaginations. Creating diversity. Creating independency. Tools to challenge exceptional circumstances – breaking new grounds.

Introducing Albert: Albert is an affordable paste extruder for everyone. Just connect the extruder unit Albert with your existing 3D-printer and gain access to print nonstandard materials, with your standard printer. Albert is compatible with almost every 3D-printer available on the market. The extruder is delivered in components for easy and smart assembling. Addressed to the maker community. Explore materials like food, silicon, ceramics or any other paste material. What material would you try for printing?
Forms and opportunities are immense. People use tools in many different ways, this leads to the most fascinating and inspiring outcomes. Your creations not meant to stay in plastic. Print your unique ideas with Albert.
Below you can see results printed with Albert. The vase is made of procelain within two hours printing time. The muffins beneath are printed within three minutes each.
Albert is invented by Lukas Keller and Chris Walter. The device is thought to be an affordable paste extruder unit for everyone. A diy assembling kit is avalible for sale. For further information, please contact us.
The paste extruder is nominated for numerous competitions. Including the 3D Pioneers Challenge, the Luxembourg Design Awards as well for the Bestform Awards 2017. The project has been exhibited at the Maker Faire Berlin and at the Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D. Futhermore the project will be on roadshow with international fairs.

"This product development is the missing link in digital manufacturing. With its do-it-yourself character it could trigger a democratization of the means of production." – Laudation Bestform Awards Saxony-Anhalt.