Maybe the next green space just seems too far away? Your nature experience will fall by the wayside again. Or the winter is just too cold for standing outside – in summer, however, your favorite meadow seems to be overpopulated again. "Boméo" is always fresh and always soft to nestle within its artificial green.

Covered with a particularly fluffy artificial turf, its shape is modeled like a hill. A real piece of nature. Within your private living room! Filled with a mixture of styrofoam and foam cubes, which guarantee a stable and soft experience. Boméo's size is chosen to comfortably accommodate two people. To be able to enjoy lying down in the soft grass separately or close together.

The slightly different sofa, which combines the advantages of a classic upholstered furniture, with the appeal of a young design. The deep-seated need for nature, for true wilderness, is internally satisfied. The little hill contributes to relaxation while reading, sleeping or simply enjoying your time. The nature experience Boméo gives you the feeling of security and freedom. Comfortable at your favorite place to be.


Boméo is a work by Tizian Erlemann and Chris Walter.