One person from the audience sits at a long table, the artist on the other side. There is an atmosphere of a situative interrogation. The volunteer puts on a headband that uses electroencephalography to describe the mental state of her relaxation at three points. This data is transmitted via Bluetooth to a drawing robot. While this is happening, the artist read out a compilation of private FACEBOOK/INSTA/TWITTER posts, parallel to which personal images are projected onto a surface.
  • Daria Nazarenk
  • Mind Routine
  • Gedankenlesegerät Designer
"45 weeks ago in istanbul the hotel maid misstook you & your boyfriend for honey mooners - sprinkling roses around your bed."

"Two days ago you started to realize that your favorite animals are the ones that you would never pet, own, or be close to. Your most favorite of them is the shrimp mantis."

The person sitting opposite will not respond to anything, only the robot will record the waves of excitement on a glass plate.
"Mind Routine" was developed in collaboration with the artist Daria Nazarenko and the industrial designer Robin Godwyll. Costume design by Kerima Elfaza. This project was funded by FANUC industrial robotics.