The following series is entitled Not the brightest bulb. The title is set in the context of the only slightly translucent material HDPE, which is used for the prints. The person, who has provided his parameters to the design process, is set in relation to the generated object – or formulated differently: The person participates himself as a designer.

The perfect creative experience for our fast-moving times! Be a part of it and set your appearance in scene! Participation in the generative design process can be tried out for yourself in the form of an interactive installation!
Can such a simple involvement of users have an impact on the relationship between owners and their objects? What is our role as framing designers in this process? How much freedom can we give without compromising the quality of the final products? Who is ultimately the author of the objects?
We involuntarily become part of a design. How does that feel? Do we feel flattered? How does the relationship with the object change? Does the object gain more appreciation from us because we were allowed to provide our exterior for the experiment? Is the light even more personal, familiar, or subjectively valuable?

Or do we feel wrongly treated, observed or even ignored? What happens when you can influence this very process, but you can't change your influence? You are classified according to a number - put into a drawer. It is determined under anonymous criteria how our outer appearance is evaluated. Is it fair if an algorithm is allowed to decide on this? Can an algorithm discriminate against people?

The project is a collaborative effort together with Robin Godwyll.