Medicine can save lives and improve quality of life – provided it is taken regularly and on time. In hectic everyday life, however, this is quickly forgotten: Fifty percent of all patients do not implement the therapy prescribed to them correctly. This is where MEMO helps. An alarm reminds them to take their medication on time. At the same time, Memo can help to improve the regularity of medication in the long term. Via an app, Memo provides relatives, nursing staff or the patient himself with daily feedback on how reliably the medication is consumed.

Update: The digital medication dispenser is fully developed. Click here for more information.
At the same time Memo can help in the long run to improve the regularity of intake and to prevent missed income. The device is location-independent and does not have to be set up. Thanks to the modern "Sigfox" radio standard, it works throughout Western Europe, does not incur any additional costs and allows battery life of up to two years.
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Easy to use

The Memo housing is designed to be senior-friendly. Visual and acoustic signals communicate the patient the time to take their medication. The medication intake is controlled by an app, which is administered externally by the respective nursing staff.

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Memo can be used directly and without installation. No additional mobile phone tariff, WLAN or Bluetooth connection is required. Memo communicates using modern Sigfox wireless technology, which can be used throughout Western Europe.

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High battery life

Intelligent energy management and efficient data transmission technology ensure long battery life of up to two years. Should the battery nevertheless run out, the nursing staff is informed by notification.

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The manufacturing costs of Memo are very low. Thanks to modern radio technology, the device can be used without a subscription model - so there are no monthly follow-up costs.

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Memo is a collaboration with Robert Gühne and Daniel Böber. The market launch in Germany is planned for the fouth quarter of 2020. If you are interested in beta-testing as well as further information regarding the official launch, please register below: Newsletter
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