The digital drug dispenser "ANABOX smart" makes it easier for parents or relatives to take their medication in the right amount and at the right time. Thanks to visual and acoustic warnings, patients are reminded to take their medication. You yourself will be notified in the app if your loved one has forgotten to take it and can react accordingly.

The project is realized in the form of a joint start-up wirewire in cooperation with anmed GmbH. The digital drug dispenser will be sold under the name ANABOX smart.
  • anabox smart, anmed, wirewire
  • Digitaler Medikamentenspender in Aktion
  • Famiele Schmidt testet den digitalen Medikamentenspender
To be seen below: Mr. Schmidt takes his medication from the digital medication dispenser. The device records the intake and sends this information to the connected app in real time via the NB-IoT interface built into the device.
In our app, a withdrawal can be tracked at any time and the medication plan can be managed.