»Futurium is a House of Futures. Here, everything revolves around the question: how do we want to live? How we will live in the future depends on us. The clearer we grasp and reflect on the state of our world today, the clearer the ideas we associate with "the future" will become. In the anthropocene, the age of man, we contribute to shaping the future with every decision we make today.« – Stefan Brandt, Futurium

Share your inner unicorn is part of the permanent exhibition at the Futurium. The installation invites visitors to share their thoughts. These thoughts are then visualized by a machine.
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Worlds filled with a vibrant mix of fantastical creations. Utopian creatures. Stories from foreign planets, from unicorns and poetry itself. Your thoughts are one thing above all: unique! Very personal and very straight. Let us participate in the beauty of your imagination! Paint a very own image from mere thought-power – free from any tactile sensations. You are in the perfect company of countless visionary thinkers!

The perfect transparent citizien – or is it at some time possible to read everyone's thoughts? Can we soon control things with mere thought? When will it become possible to "hack" our mind? Do we already want to ask ourselves these questions? Or is it no longer a question of our mind at all? The space is filled wtih images of unfamiliar thoughtscapes. Other people's imaginations are lined visible – and yet an insipid flavor remains.

The world of thoughts is measured by means of electroencephalography. The underlying algorithm forms a variable from different input variables, which describes the mental addition of our relaxation. This variable is transmitted from a browband via Bluetooth to the actual drawing machine.
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»The artwork has a serious background. How will we communicate with machines in the future? I find the thought of you looking into my mind and seeing if I'm relaxed or stressed quite disturbing. Can you really look into the brain with a machine? Hack us, make us vulnerable and afterwards we are no longer real people?« – Carsten Behrendt ZDF heute journal.
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